Ficlet graph

Ficlets are micro stories that are uploaded to Other contributors can then write a prequel or sequel to your ficlet. Popular ficlets can lead to many more ficlets.

One of my early thoughts when looking at one of the currently popular ficlets was that this results in a directed graph, and that I’d like to see that, so I could track through the longest chain. Here’s the results of version 1 (click on the graph to see it full-size):

My script generates the file format used by GraphViz. I can actually generate an image map with GraphViz, but so far I haven’t worked out how I put an image map in a wordpress posting.

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One Response to Ficlet graph

  1. gregornot says:

    Do you know about Wordle. It is the most amazing free program. It is at Try copy and pasting the top 100 books list and see what you come up with. A clue use a – (dash) in between words to keep them together.
    Read Forum for other cool stuff. Makes wordles horizontal or vertical or a mix of each, black and white or in Color.Careful it is addicting

    Your going to love it and can save for gallery or to put on your blog.

    Check it out, peace,gregor
    Nuclear and Indigenous Items of Interest

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