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Control-C: it makes your programs run faster!

As a postgrad in the late 80s I made some extra book money acting as a helper in the computing lab. A few of us would be posted there, for undergrads to come to for help. This tended to be … Continue reading

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Wii Tennis: it’s just like chocolate!

Friends came round today with their two children, Danny aged 7 and Lizzie aged 9. They’d recently been snorkeling while on holiday, so I asked if they wanted to play Endless Ocean (a diving exploration game) on my Wii. After … Continue reading

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Pink box testing

Some years ago (1999’ish) I was in a job where I needed to bring in a lot of software contractors in a short space of time. As a result I ended up dealing with a good number of IT contracting … Continue reading

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Generating a list of Best 100 Novels

This post describes how I came up with a list of Best 100 Novels, which I posted recently. Unsurprisingly this has generated a wide range of comments, from people who think it’s a great list, and others who think it’s … Continue reading

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