Wii Tennis: it’s just like chocolate!

Friends came round today with their two children, Danny aged 7 and Lizzie aged 9. They’d recently been snorkeling while on holiday, so I asked if they wanted to play Endless Ocean (a diving exploration game) on my Wii. After an hour or so in which they all played, we switched to the Tennis game in Wii Sports.

Once they got the hang of it we were treated to a very entertaining half hour as Danny and Lizzie threw themselves around the room (the light fitting is still bent from our first evening playing Wii sports!). Danny won a match, then Lizzie, and they wound themselves up more and more. I got too close at one point, and caught a backhand. When it was suggested that they stop, as they were getting a bit wired, Lizzie announced “it’s just like chocolate!”

This is the children’s equivalent of saying something’s as good as sex, perhaps?

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