Can you fizz milk?

There was a piece on the one show this evening about the sodastream, and its association with the 1970s, which is when I mainly remember it from. If I had to list 10 objects that reminded me of my childhood in the 70s, the sodastream would be on the list (along with Rubik’s cube, meccano, lego, um …).

In my teens I remember one weekend wondering what would happen if I put a bottle of milk in a sodastream, rather than water. I put the question to Dad, who bounced it back to me, “what do you think would happen?”. I thought about it for a bit, and figured, hey, milk is largely water…

I filled the bottle and put it in the machine, taking extra care that the bottle was filled to the right level, it was properly inserted, the lever all the way down. I then gave one long press of the button. Milk came pouring out of the machine; I released the lever and opened it up: more milk came out.

I went and told Dad: “yeah, that happened when I tried it as well”!

When Mum heard she said Dad had to clean the machine out, as he knew that it would have to be disassembled to clean the milk out, so we wouldn’t get a machine stinking of milk gone off.

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