The plural of ‘lego brick’ is not LEGOS

For some reason this bugs me waaaayyy more than it should. I see lots of (blog) posts saying things like how to glue legos together (wtf?).

That’s plainly wrong. These people probably think the plural of sheep is sheeps, mouse mouses, data datas.

You won’t find the Lego company using legos. If you use google, the mentions are on forums and other third party mechanisms. I imagine (ok, hope) that it’s a firing offence if a Lego employee ever uses the word legos.

There, I feel better now.

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3 Responses to The plural of ‘lego brick’ is not LEGOS

  1. Bryan says:

    Data is plural. The singular of data is datum.

    • Nigel Keam says:

      I’m not sure why this was injected into the LEGO discussion, – but it is an interesting item too. For myself, I’ve rationalized my use of “data” in a sense which isn’t strictly plural as follows: We now have such large quantities of data that I think of it like water molecules, – you don’t count them, you measure them in groups. Thus it makes sense to talk about “a lot of data”, rather than “many data”.
      The distinction between “data” and “LEGO” is that “data” is a word in the English language so as speakers of the language, we can morph its use over time while the word “LEGO” is essentially the property of the LEGO company and it is up to them to define the correct use of the word.

  2. Theo Ross says:

    I had a student friend at Uni and she was from Pakistan. One day she said to me ” I have very big problem, I have mouses in my flat”. I replied – “You mean Mice?” and she piped up – “OH NO – there is more than one!”. I tried to explain the meaning of a word being plural. . . but some non-native English speakers find this concept very difficult to grasp.

    So does it really matter whether some folk use the term Legos? After all everyone including the Lego company know that it Legos means Lego.

    I have just set up a used Lego parts shop and I sell Legos parts as well! and my customers lol.

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